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Hot, Fast, Cheap, and Easy.

More than just food... its a way of life! Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn and Flaming Amy's Bowl are part of the Flaming Amy's Family started in the year 2000 by Amy and Jay Muxworthy. We have continually strived to bring Wilmington and it's visitors good food in a unique environment as well as give back to the community that has supported us  for all these years. We hope to  bring you more of the same and remain a local destination for years to come!
Always remember and never forget... EAT AT FLAMING AMY'S!


Be sure to visit our two new locations!
A new Flaming Amy's Bowl at "NorthChase Centre"
3224-A North College Rd. Wilmington
(910) 769-9249
And a new Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn at "Lake Park Landing"
1140-A North Lake Park Blvd. Carolina Beach.
(910) 458-2563

Both Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn locations now offer Online Ordering! Order online for faster pickup at either of our locations, or for delivery in Carolina Beach! Place orders for ASAP, or for a future date and time.

Employing the Freaks of Wilmington Since the Year 2000!

Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn

Hot, Fast, Cheap, and Easy.

What's our Deal?

We describe Flaming Amy's Restuarants using 4 simple words. They're easy to understand, and kinda funny.


The way food was meant to be. Except for salads and drinks and stuff like that. They're not supposed to be hot.


Don't let the line scare you. Our staff will have your order done in a jiffy.


As in not expensive. You have better things to do with that money.


Do you really want to cook? I didn't think so.



Flaming Amy's Bowl

You Fill It. We Grill It.

A Little About Us

Amy and Jay Muxworthy came to Wilmington, NC in 2000 with little more than some pluck and a dream, opening Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn. Offering a one of a kind dining experience infused with their personality, vision and amazing food. Fourteen years later, Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn is going strong, busier than the day it was opened.

Wanting to expand their empire, Amy and Jay opened Flaming Amy's Bowl in 2008. A new concept with just as much personality as "The Barn." Jay wanted to design a restaurant that provides hot, fast, cheap and easy food in a fun and casual environment. And "The Bowl" as we affectionately call it, was born. Funky retro styling appeals to young and old alike. Hot, fresh, delicious food keeps bringing them back, again and again.


Flaming Amy's loves to give back!

Amy and Jay believe a big part of their success is due to giving back to the community that supports them. These are just a few of the organizations that are near and dear to their hearts: Nourish NC, The Eastern & Central NC Food Bank, Adopt an Angel, Journey 4 A Cure, Cape Fear Hospice, and many of their local schools and family organizations.


Amy Nolan


Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn

4002 Oleander Drive, Wilmington • (910) 799-2919 and 1140-A North Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach • (910) 458-2563

I'm Hungry! Where are You?

Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn


Conveniently located in Wilminton on Oleander Drive close to UNCW campus and Independence Mall.
Conveniently located in Carolina Beach across from the town offices.
Open 11am-10pm almost every day of the year!


Flaming Amy's Bowl


We're at the corner of College Road and Shipyard Blvd, in the Longleaf Plaza. We're hiding behind the Firestone shop.
And we're in the Northchase Centre to the left of Food Lion .
Open 11am-10pm almost every day of the year too!


Flaming Amy's Bowl

4418 Shipyard Blvd. • (910) 399-7288 and 3224-A North College Rd. • (910) 769-9249

We're VERY Social!

Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn


Flaming Amy's Bowl